Beta Version Info beta version is a quite interesting game, which is being played by a large number of youngsters and seniors alike due to its simplicity and plainness. This is a multiplayer game, a player tries to eat the recommended objects and avoid getting eaten in the game. There are a lot of different animals and characters. In beta version, you can explore more upcoming features.

In its simplicity and plainness lie the complicated tasks. Players try to master the excellent features of the game. During the game, one player saves himself against other bigger animals which are other players.

Beta Version of the Game beta is an experimentation mode of the in which different upcoming features of the game are experimented and verified. Also, if players are bored with the original game, they can play beta version for a change.

The rules of both games are essentially the same. In order to play beta, you should follow these rules:

  • In the beginning, you will be asked to choose a skin for your avatar. You will be provided with four options:
    1. Rats
    2. Chipmunks
    3. Shrimps
    4. Kangaroo
  • In the initial level, as you enter the screen of the game, you are recommended to eat objects in a green outline and avoid the objects in the red outline. beta version

  • You enter a food chain in As you grow into the game, weaker animals become a source of your food and you become a source of the food of bigger animals.
  • You have to remember one thing: Do not get eaten into the game, or else your game will be finished.
  • At the bottom of the screen, two strips are shown to you. The small strip represents water, and the bigger strip represents your XP points. You should try not to lose your water. If water is lost, your animal will cease to exist in the game and die. Beta Version Controls

  • Your character follows the cursor automatically.
  • Left mouse click for a run in the water.
  • Left mouse click or W for diving in the water.
  • Press the up/down arrow keys to upgrade/downgrade animal types in sandbox mode.
  • Chatting with the Enter.

Exceptional Features of the Mopeio Beta

Following are some of the most exceptional features of the beta version, which are differentiated from the original game version:

  • Each animal has its own social abilities. So, you can perform well if you are aware of the specific social abilities of your animal.
  • As a desert animal, you can roam around safely in the arctic. On the other hand, as a land animal, you can test your animal’s abilities underwater.

If the original game version is not available, you can play beta version and have plenty of enjoyment. private server defines the server that many players set up and play privately with their friends.

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