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Desert animals are not very common in the game of Keeping that in mind, the developers had thought of introducing Kangaroo Rat, which will be a desert animal.… Komodo Dragon

There are a number of arenas, where you can play the game of Recently the developers of the game has confirmed Komodo Dragon, which is a desert animal. It… Trout

Multiplayer games are always interesting. They become more interesting, when new elements are added. Keeping that in mind, you should definitely try, which come with a… Fox

The Fox is the sixth animal in the game and is land equivalent to the jellyfish and the Arctic fox. It can eat all animals below it excepting the… Rabbit

Most of you have heard of the game of the io games series. This is a game that has several animals. The Rabbit is the 2nd Animal in the game of It’s… Stingray

The stingray is an aquatic animal, which has some special powers. In the Stingray, you can even get those powers, apart from the normal powers of animals. It is a very… Chipmunk

A chipmunk or a squirrel is one of the most exotic animals in everyday life. The same is available in as Chipmunk. It is a land animal, and have special… Dragon Dragon happens to be the 15th as well as among the last but one Animals in the game of It is also the land counterpart of The Kraken as well as The Yeti. In…