Game for Mac and PC game game can be played on both computer and mac. To play this game, it is enough to open a web browser. You can start playing the game fluently by opening the web browser. is a multiplayer survival game, wherein you begin as a mouse and become more powerful in every passing level and season. In the game, you roam around with other animals which are other players.

As you eat and kill enemies in this game, you earn more XP. In this way, you can turn into higher-class animals. The more powerful you are, the more players you will be able to attack.

What Makes Game so Popular? game is an IO multiplayer game where you have to eat foods, evolve as an animal and try all steps to survive for as long as possible. You have to survive by consuming foods, evolve, get stronger and get the chance to complete the arc from a tiny mouse to a huge dragon as you move up levels in the game.

In this fun game, you have to use your survival skills, avoid getting eaten by bigger and powerful animals, and improve your position in the food chain. You are required to build survival skills, so that you may become more and more powerful after completion of every season. game

How to Play

  • In the initial levels, you will have to choose one skin for your avatar and the kind of animal. You can start as a small rat, small shrimp, small kangaroo rats or chipmunks in game.
  • You are given recommendations to eat things in green, and avoid things in red. You are given points and grow according to the game played against red and green things.
  • The game is available on both PC and mobile. You can play this game with PC and MAC. You can play the game either on the keyboard of the phone or through the mouse/any other skin on the PC. In addition, you will be using the right click (main chosen click) of the mouse.
  • You must avoid getting eaten in the game in order to grow more robust and powerful in the game.
  • As you become more powerful in the game, you will start eating up more animals around you – other small members around you.

What Is New to the Game

In the shop of game, you are offered to buy from the available 59 skins of the animals. You are also enabled by new settings to sign up for the game with Google or Facebook accounts. When you log in with Google or Facebook accounts, you will create a account automatically. Thus, your game played will be saved by the server of

You can also purchase the in-game coins while playing the game with real dollars in order to support the game.

There are also new events occurring in game, which raises the stakes for the players. These events include tsunami, volcanic eruptions, oceanic waves, tornadoes, and storms. Every storm occurs rarely in the game, and each event has its specified duration and specific rewards for the players. In the Christmas Items, you can buy a red snowman that allows you to act and play the game in the most powerful manner. game 2020

Why is Game Very Popular Today?

The game is a challenging but exciting IO multiplayer game, where survival is the most important thing. Begin as a tiny mouse and crawl along the gaming map, gobbling berries up as you proceed – to get bigger in size. The bigger you can grow in size, the better is your chance to gobble your enemies up and top the leaderboard. Basically, eating, growing and surviving are what you have to do in this survival game – to conquer everyone.

At present there are as many as 117 animals in the Mopeio game map; with The King Dragon being one of the biggest and most important animals in the map – along with the Black Dragon, which sits at the crest of the food chain.

The chance to play so many animals at one time is one of the biggest highlights of the game and anybody would like to play it for this reason. The unique ambience and the ability to role-play as different animals make this game so interesting and outstanding. Naturally, the game is so popular today. There are unique animals and creatures that you can role-play as, such as the Pakistani macaw – which is the rarest animal in the gaming map.

How to Play and Win Game?

In order to play the game, you have to hit the left mouse button to make your mouse run. You have to eat more and more food, in order to grow in size, and drink water to ensure your survival. It is important to avoid players who are outlined in red. There are different types of foods in the game available for different species and all of these offer different amounts of points to players.

At the moment, game is very popular and hosts over 15,000 players on the web. It comprises of various animals – with each having out of the box abilities of its own. You can easily get the chance to play an animal that is your favorite.

Fixing of the Flaws:

There occur bugs in game, and developers of the game keep on fixing the bugs or issues as soon as they occur. You can share the general problems and server problems you have with by writing to the makers of the game on’s official Twitter page. In this way, you can ensure that every problem you experience in the game is resolved quickly. If you have trouble connecting to the game from your workplace, you can enter the game with unblocked.

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