Black Dragon Guide black dragon black dragon happens to be the ultimate animal in the game of and there is nothing that’s equivalent to it, barring itself. Black dragons happen to drink lava in place of water! Black dragons can only get healed on top of healing stones/lava! Below, we discuss some facts on this animal. Another popular animal is the dragon.

Technical Details Of Black Dragon

  • The black dragon attains its maximum dimension and at 20M XP, releases the triple fireball.
  • It is going to downgrade again to the standard Dragon in the event of it reaching 9.9M XP /less by a single tail bite.
  • It is capable of flying over the whole lot, similar to Dragon.
  • It happens to be resistant to ink.
  • It makes use of lava in the form of its drink source and doesn’t get injured by it.
  • It is capable of breathing three fireballs that are spread apart moderately.
  • It happens to be resistant to the stream’s current.
  • Not like Dragon, it is defenseless against its individual fire and this makes it tougher to wrestle, even in close proximity to dragons. They are fortunate on there being is a squad of Elephant’s, Donkey’s, Bluewhale’s, and so on.
  • The sole way that it is capable of healing heal is with “healing stones”. black dragon

Appearance and Strategy

The black dragon appears similar to a much greater, black-colored edition of the Dragon. However, it has bat-sort of orange wings in place of dragon wings. On its backside, there’re three dual-pointed spikes. It features a devil’s tail. It also is the sole animal that has eyes that are oval-shaped for looking mad. Its nostrils happen to also be in ovals, similar to its mythological counterpart.

Consume general dragons for leveling up and continue biting as well as burning it till it becomes dead (be on the lookout for tail-biters when in pursuit of the dragon). You also have the option of trolling, teaming up with a fox, and telling him to avoid eating food and staying as the fox, subsequently when in pursuit of dragons the fox may well be of help to you in digging them out whenever they enter hiding holes.

You must only stay in close proximity to the lava biome since you stay alive by drinking lava. Make use of the great Healing Stone in “lava biome” on your hp dropping too low.

As you’ve ample XP, you must be cautious of tail-biters. On anyone approaching your tail, make a turn and assault them, and chase them. It would the best if you could pursue them right into the lava, which is where they’re weak.

On additional black dragons existing, they’re certain to attack you. On this occurring, you fight till the death. Do remember tiers 15 & 16 are capable of biting one another’s tail and thus your chance of making it is rather high. However, you should be cautious of their fire. Avoid bargaining with them in the form of a squad unless you’ve 20M XP/ more.

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