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There are a number of areas, where you can play the game of Recently the developers of the game have confirmed Komodo Dragon, which is a desert animal. It might have a lot of power. In real life, Komodo dragons are really powerful and can eat animals larger than their size.

The Special Abilities Of Komodo Dragon

Presently, there is huge speculation about Komodo Dragon, among the lovers of The reason is that the Komodo dragon is considered to be one of the mightiest animals, which is still alive on the Earth. Actually, it has a special ability to hunt animals, which are 6 to 8 times larger than them, and they use their saliva as poison to kill them. In the case of the game of Mopeio, the Komodo dragon is having a greyish brown color and black eyes with a sharp-pointed tail. The resemblance is quite similar to that of Komodo dragons, which are found in everyday life. komodo dragon

Possible Abilities Of Mopeio Komodo Dragon

The technical details about the Komodo dragon in the game of are completely unknown, but there are a number of speculations about it. There are a number of users, who claim that the Komodo dragon will have the ability to feed on animals, which are larger than it. Presently, it is not yet known, to which level, the Komodo dragon will be introduced. If it is considered to be an entry-level animal, the developers cannot integrate a large number of powers within the animal. But it is expected that the Komodo dragon will have some great powers, which means it will be introduced as a higher-level animal, belonging to level IX or X.

Others Speculated Things

As far as the speculation of Komodo Dragon eating larger animals is concerned, it will require a change in the programming of the game, and thus, it is expected, there will be no such provision. Even if a special ability is provided to Komodo dragons to feed on larger animals compared to its size, that will be for a limited period and there should be a very high recharge time, such that the Komodo dragon does not dominate the arena in an unsporting manner. If Mopeio Komodo Dragon is attacked by a group of the Fox community, the Komodo Dragon can take massive damage.

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