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Desert animals are not very common in the game of Keeping that in mind, the developers had thought of introducing Kangaroo Rat, which will be a desert animal. Not everything is known about the animal. But there are a number of speculations about Kangaroo rats.

The Details About Introduction of Kangaroo Rat

The desert arena will be a new arena, which the players can get in the game of, and with the introduction of the desert arena, the players can get access to Kangaroo Rat. It is expected, that the kangaroo rat will have similar characteristics to that of the mouse, which is a land animal, in the game of You can find a lot of information about kangaroo rats, on various websites. Some of them can also be real or true, depending upon the way the developers think. But, it will surely not have any revolutionary powers. kangaroo rat

Someone Facts About Kangaroo Rat

The developers had introduced the design of the Desert Rat, and according to the design, the rat looks similar to that of a normal rat, which people find in everyday life. They are having a yellowish grey color, along with two big black eyes. They also have a tail, similar to that of the rats. The special abilities of the animal are not yet known, and as the animal is an introductory animal, it is expected that it will not have very powerful or special abilities. You can start playing with the animal from the very beginning, or at 0 XP. After that, you can also evolve into other more powerful animals, when you gain 50 XP.

Other Facts About the Rat

It is still not known when the Kangaroo Rat will be introduced in the arena of the desert! But as far as the news from various sources is considered, it will be introduced in the January or February update, and thus, the players are requested to hold the patience for quite some time. As it is a level I animal, the player shouldn’t have a lot of speculations about the animal, or they can be disappointed. It will have the ability to eat berries and plankton bushes and can be eaten by all other animals, which are already available in the arena, due to the size. Stingray can easily defeat this animal so you have to be careful.

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