Walrus Guide walrus Walrus is the arctic equivalent of Bear and the Swordfish. It upgrades from the lion, pufferfish, gorilla, and snow leopard to the Polar Bear, Crocodile, or Octopus. It has various abilities that help it catch its prey. You should understand the features and strategies of this animal before playing.

Most people don’t like to play with Walrus character, but this character has its own players. Some players just enter the game to play with this character and try to be the 1st on the leaderboard. First of all, the goal in the game is to be 1st, but some players prefer to play with their favorite animal.

About Walrus Walrus can slide on ice, can climb on hills and rocks, and can eat all foods except conch and lower animals. It can hide in large hiding holes, berry bushes, and whirlpools. You need to use your rock climbing ability and your speed in water to your advantage. If you are being attacked by any animal with a stun or knockback ability, then you can find the nearest hiding hole or whirlpool to escape. walrus

You might be left alone if you stay there for a long time. If you are being attacked by an animal without a stunning ability, or if you are being pursued on land with no hope of escape, try to go into a lake, find a rock, and stay on top of it. Walrus players can easily eliminate Arctic Fox players.

Appearance of Mopeio Walrus Walrus has a circular maroon body with two side flippers and a V-shaped tail. It also has two nostrils on the front of its face and two long tusks. You can climb trees and hills and also eat coconuts and bananas in order to level up. If you are being chased by an animal on land, you can also go inside a lake, find a rock and stay on top of it until it stops chasing you. It is one of the animals that can climb over the rocks. It can be Magenta, Brown, or even pink for some users. The Walrus is one of the only 3 official animals to have Tusks in the game.

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