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The Arctic fox is an animal, which you can find in the game of It is named as Arctic Fox. The animal is quite equivalent to other animals like deer, or reindeer, best for land and ice gameplay. The animal is quite swift and has the ability to feed on a number of other animals.

The Various Details About Arctic Fox

If you’re proficient in playing the game of in a number of areas, and are planning to play the game on ice, you can get evolved into Arctic Fox. But for that purpose, you will need a minimum of 1000 XP. Reaching 1000 XP is not a difficult job, as you can easily do that by playing the game with a number of other basic animals, which you can find in the game. But if you’re playing the game for a long time, and do not die in the middle, after reaching 2100 XP, you can evolve into a zebra or a donkey. Arctic Fox

The Hidden Abilities of The Fox Arctic Fox has some special abilities to pull out a number of animals, who are hidden within holes, and that can be very helpful if there are a number of small animals like chipmunks, or crabs within a number of small holes. There are no other special abilities apart from this in the case of an arctic fox. The animal can be eaten or fell prey to a number of animals, which are bigger than an arctic fox, which also includes Black Dragon or King crab. There are numerous strategies for playing with the Arctic fox, which can be helpful to move towards the top of the leaderboard.

The Strategy for The Arctic Fox

The animal is not a very old animal and was recently introduced in the December update, which means, not everybody knows about Arctic Fox. There are a number of predators for arctic fox, but it can also feed on a number of other small animals, and thus, the peril for arctic fox is balanced. It is a level VI animal, which means, you can eat all kinds of animals, from level 1 to level V. The only way to save yourself from other animals while playing with an arctic fox is to run away, as arctic foxes are very fast. The biggest enemy of the Arctic Fox character is Walrus.

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