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Confused among the various choices of animals? Read further to know about the best animal set to become the dragon or Kraken as fast as possible! Game is a survival game so all the choices that you make will make a lot of difference in your survival. This is especially in the case of choosing the right animals. In every upgrade, which you earn by gaining experience, you are given three choices of animals. Every animal has certain strengths and weaknesses so you have to make an informed choice so that it increases your chance of survival. The better your choice would be the better will be your chances to quickly upgrade to a dragon or a Kraken which is the ultimate animal. Use best animal set to gain a competitive advantage. Best Animal Set

As already explained why it is important to choose the best possible animal set, here is the best animal that you can choose.

  • At the start of the game, you do not have much of a choice but it is better for you to go for shrimp because it has the ability to hide in the water. best animal

  • Then you get three upgrade options which include transforming into pig, crab, and penguin. It would be wise for you to transform into a penguin because it has the ability to run faster on ice and water.


  • In the best animal set, the next animal that you should go for is the seal because no element obstructs its movement which can be very essential.


  • Then you should go for sea horse above fox because it has the ability to hide in water, so you get a larger area to hide into.


  • Then comes the jellyfish, the reason being the same as the sea horse.


  • Musk ox should be your next choice because it can stun your prey followed by cheetah which is popular because of its boost skills. best animal list includes these two because of their unique features.


  • After this point, you should go for the snow leopard, polar bear, and the wolverine because these are the animals with some strongest abilities.

Why The Selection Of Right Animal Important?

One might argue that during an upgrade all the animals that are offered to them are of the same level, then why should they focus on best animal set. The reason behind this selection is the ability of different animals. For example, cheetah and wolf are available on the same level but their abilities are different. Cheetah is faster than wolf which gives you a greater chance of hunting your prey which is not possible for wolf therefore it is advised that go for cheetah.

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