Dragon Guide dragon Dragon happens to be the 15th as well as among the last but one Animals in the game of It is also the land counterpart of The Kraken as well as The Yeti. In the section below we are going to discuss some facts about this animal in the very exciting game of

Technical Details Of Dragon

  1. The dragon does upgrade from the Blue Whale, Elephant, /Mammoth at 1m XP.
  2. It evolves into “Black Dragon” at 10m XP.
  3. It is capable of eating everything barring Tier 5 animals &below, and (evidently) “Black Dragon”.
  4. Ahead of the colossal Update on the 9th of April, it may well be consumed by anything. Nevertheless, it can presently be consumed by “Black Dragon,” which had been initiated in that Colossal Update.
  5. It is capable of flying above dragon
  6. Fascinatingly, despite it allegedly flying, it continues getting slow decelerated by Oceans, Lakes, as well as Rivers, even if to a very small extent.
  7. Each and every animal barring The Kraken as well as The Yeti is capable of going through it, thus it is unable to push them.
  8. It happens to be resistant to ink.
  9. dragon is capable of breathing fire.
  10. It happens to be resistant to the River’s effect.
  11. Subsequent to the colossal update of the 9th of April, it is now capable of hiding in great hiding holes. This had been changed exclusively for presenting it with at least a bit of defense against “Black Dragon”.

Appearance Of Mopeio Dragon

The dragon is amongst the greatest animals in this io game, dwarfed just by “Black Dragons” as well as “advanced Krakens”. dragon is characterized by an insipid turquoise body and a couple of wings that happen to be of a somewhat darker turquoise shade. It features thin, perpendicular ovals running downward its backside and which represent spikes. It has a small tail, and a trapezoid mouth having a couple of dark nostrils. One of the strongest monsters of the game is black dragon.

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