Animals Stingray Guide

The stingray is an aquatic animal, which has some special powers. In the Stingray, you can even get those powers, apart from the normal powers of animals. It is a very powerful animal in the game, and many players want to get access to it. The animal is quite similar to cheetah.

The Electric Shock And Other Powers Of Stingray

In the game, Stingray is an animal, which can be accessed by any user or player of the game, after reaching 7900 XP, which means, the player need to be very experienced, in order to see the stingray. The player can have access to the stingray up to a maximum of 15000 XP, which means, the user can get access to the animal for a considerable amount of time. The Stingray has a very deep green color, with black eyes and sharp tail. The user can use the stingray to give electric shock to other animals, with the help of the tail. stingray

Advantages Of Stingray

There are a number of players, who are proficient in playing the game of, in any kind of water bodies, available within the game. If you are one of them, and has used all the evolution options for aquatic animals, it is advisable that you go for stingray, when you get the option for evolution. The animal has a capability to hide in large holes, and a number of bushes, which is available in the arena of The animal can feed on a number of aquatic and terrestrial animals, having sizes smaller than the Stingray.

Other Important Details

The special ability of the Stingray is that, it can easily give electric shocks to other players, which is already said. But that doesn’t mean, the player has the ability to give continuous electric shocks to the players, available within the game. Before you give electric shock to an enemy, there should be at least 9.5 seconds gap between the new and the old shock. The player can get transformed into a stingray from the turtle, or any other animal equivalent to that. A stingray can also be eaten by other stingrays, if they are bigger than the victim stingray.

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