Wiki 2023 Guide wiki 2020 Wiki 2023 is a central database place for people who are interested in learning about the game. is an exciting game, in which you play to exist, remain safe, and move in your preferred area so that you do not lose water, and gain more XPs. There are many rules of the game, which can be learned in the Wiki 2023 easily. So, the Wiki includes a number of points related to the game.

What Is Wiki All About? Wiki provides extensive information regarding the gameplay of the Wiki. There have been created 243 articles in the Wiki since its creation on October 16, 2016. Presently, the Wiki has 71 editors and 56,252 edits done by now. Wiki 2023

The Wiki explains the different features of the game For instance, the wiki includes detailed information regarding the game. The wiki explains different features of the wiki such as animals, food, terrain, biomes, and other features. Each feature has further been explained furthermore. For example, the food feature includes topics such as Mushroom, Berry, Water, Lillypad, Plankton, Banana, and Pear. These individual topics are furthermore defined by the Wiki. wiki 2023

Similarly, all other features of the Wiki have been explained very deeply. So, any new learner can access the wiki in order to attain all the information regarding the amazing game.

There are different animal divisions in the game which are Ocean, Land, Rainforest, Arctic, and Desert.

Land animals are Mouse, Rabbit, Mole, Pig, Deer, Fox, Zebra, Cobra, Cheetah, Bear, Crocodile, Rhino, Hippo, Elephant, Dragon, Land Monster, and Black Dragon.

Arctic animals are Chipmunk, Arctic Hare, Penguin, Seal, Reindeer, Arctic Fox, Muskox, Walrus, Snow Leopard, Wolf, Polar Bear, Wolverine, Sabertooth Tiger, Mammoth, The Yeti!, and Ice Monster.

Discussion Forums

There is a facility of discussing confusions with the staff of the team and the ace players on the wiki’s discussion forums. There are active moderators, staff members, and senior ace players who respond to the beginners every effectively and provide them with the necessary resources. All the seniors behave with the juniors very cordially and politely adhering to the rules of the Wiki forum. private server provides you the latest version private server game.

Why Should One Use Wiki?

The Wiki 2023 is a good source of all the information and recent news of the game. Besides these merits, the Wiki can be utilized to reach the hacks, cheats, and mods that will improve your abilities to win a particular game. Other than recent news and resources, the players can remain abreast of the new changes updated in the game. The remaining updated brings a lot of merits to the updated players against the players who are not aware of the recent updates.

Thus, players can enjoy plenty of benefits by visiting Wiki every now and then.

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