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A chipmunk or a squirrel is one of the most exotic animals in everyday life. The same is available in as Chipmunk. It is a land animal and has special abilities as far as the game is concerned. It is a very basic animal, and thus, you can easily get access to it. Chipmunk

If you want to get access to Chipmunk, you need a minimum of 0 XP, which means you can play with the animal from the very beginning. Apart from that, after reaching or gaining 50 XP, you can turn into a rabbit or a bunny, if you prefer playing the game on land. The animal being a beginner animal, and the animal of the basic level, Chipmunk has the ability to hide in both small and large holes and can also do the same in whirlpools. It can eat three kinds of food items, and they are red, yellow, and blue in color. Thus, if you find such kinds of items in your arena, the chipmunk can easily feed on them. chipmunk

The Appearance Of Chipmunk

The chipmunk in the game of is similar to that of a chipmunk in everyday life and has a brown-colored body with dark brown stripes on it. It has a small black nose with comparatively big eyes with a tail at its back. The animal being very basic, you cannot feed on other animals, which are available on the arena, but you can always feed on smaller chipmunks if you find them. But you should always be careful of other animals, bigger than chipmunks, and chipmunks, which are bigger than the victim. If you die in the game as a chipmunk or squirrel, you can again start the game as a Chipmunk.

Strategy Of Chipmunk

As far as a strategy of playing the game with Chipmunk is concerned, it is advisable that you try to run away from any kind of predators, who are available in the arena. You can always eat berries, and if you are in real peril, you can always press the W button on your keyboard to hide in small holes for a limited time, after which the game will end. You can even hide in bushes to keep away from predators. Rabbit is stronger than Chipmunk character and should be taken care of.

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