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Ox is one of the mightiest animals in the world. Keeping that in mind, you can get access to Muskox, which is really powerful. The animal is big enough, which means it has its own advantages. It is the seventh animal, and you can get muskox if you are playing in an Arctic arena.

The Importance of Playing with Muskox

The Muskox is not very special, but it is quite powerful and is a great animal for beginners. If you are playing the game in the Arctic mode, the muskox can be the best animal, which you can go for. If you’re playing the game in different arenas, like water or land, you can go for other animals like zebra or turtle. Thus, such kind of animals is quite similar. As far as the appearance of muskox is concerned, it is completely black in color, and it comes with yellowish white horns, with two small white colored eyes. The nose is also visible in front of the animal. muskox

Finding The Best Strategy for Muskox

If you’re looking for the best strategy after getting access to muskox in, then the best way is to feed on a number of small plants, which are considered to be non-living in the arena. There are a number of nuts, berries, which you can feed on, in order to increase your XP.

The muskox has some special abilities to make a huge amount of damage to its prey, which means, if you see muskox in front of you, you should run or hide in small holes in order to save yourself. In order to get access to muskox, you need a minimum of 4200 XP, and you can evolve into a cheetah or a wolf after reaching 7900 XP. If you come across Seal in the game, you can attack directly because it is weaker than you.

Other Special Abilities

There are also special abilities, which you can find in Muskox. You can move very fast and charge yourself with the W button on your keyboard. If you are playing with muskox on ice, you will get the best possible grip, which is quite wonderful. If you are playing like an animal, smaller than muskox, you should drop your ideas to make damage to muskox. But if you are having some special abilities, that can be helpful, which include electric shock.

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